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Liberty International School (LIS) strives to use English as a tool to stimulate the natural curiosity of children from diverse cultural backgrounds. Our children are our future. Therefore LIS strives to nurture them both as individuals and as members of a global community. We encourage students to explore their own cultural backgrounds while creating an atmosphere that allows them to learn from the diversity around them. They will grow together as friends and share the love of learning throughout their lives. We believe that, in order to grow to their full potential, students must learn in a safe and well-balanced community. Our goal is to inspire our students to become caring and valuable contributors to the society.
LIS is a safe, caring environment that
Encourages respect, service, accountability and trustworthiness.
Fosters critical thinking and excellence in academic performance
Inspires creativity and individual expression.
Develops inquisitive, self-directed learners.

Elementary School

LIS Elementary School is for 5 to 11 year-old children. The teachers supervising the elementary school students focus on preparing them to be open-minded and interested in various topics and activities. Given the diverse cultures and nationalities at LIS, the administrators and teachers understand and support children requiring such skills, so that they will adapt to any educational and cultural background they might be exposed to in the future.

Junior High School

LIS gives special attention to Junior High School children, as it is at this stage that they need most support in developing an analytical and introspective mind. Building on American and British curricula, our school provides a modern and interesting learning environment, ensuring that each child’s needs are met and respected.

Afternoon & Saturday Classes

LIS provides a wide range of afternoon and Saturday classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The main objective of the afternoon and Saturday classes is to offer support to children who would like to become familiar with the English language, as well as for children who are going to leave for or return from overseas. The classes are designed to meet the needs of children, whether they would like to start studying English or continue to improve their English skills. Therefore the school provides general subjects such as Reading, Science, Social Studies and conversation classes in English.

Liberty International School

Established in 1998, in a "Science City", next to the famous University of Tsukuba, LIS offers a naturally intellectual environment for children. Our programs are based on mainly an American curriculum (Houghton Mifflin) but also on U.K. curriculum (Oxford & Kenbridge). These curricula have been successfully implemented and are key to the development of our students. Our staff and families are committed to the continuous improvement of each student and are fully integrated into a positive and joyful atmosphere.

Our goals:

-To help students acquire global knowledge.
-To strengthen students’ knowledge and communication skills.
-To help students mature in mind, and body.


LIS admits students of any nationality, religion, ethnicity and origin. In accordance with the principle of equal opportunity, every child enrolled in the school, regardless of his background, will receive equal opportunities for educational and individual development. For admission, LIS requires school reports from a child’s previous school. A recommendation letter from the last teacher that supervised the child is also needed. An interview with the principal and the staff will be scheduled. It would be ideal if both parents or guardians could attend the interview with the student. Please call the school’s office to make an appointment if you would like to book an observation day.
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LIS Pre-Kinder is for 3 to 4 year-old toddlers. We offer a rich program including reading exercises, rhymes, songs, games, handicrafts and finger play to develop motor skills, and basic recognition of the alphabet, shapes, numbers and colors. Students will also develop cohesive relationships with teachers and other children and become aware of their surroundings so they learn to adapt smoothly to different situations outside their home.


LIS Kindergarten is aimed at children between 4 and 5 years of age. The curriculum focuses on preparing your children for elementary school, as well as for stimulating their curiosity for learning. For this purpose, school activities are designed to help students build up their character as well as develop their sense of responsibility. Social skills such as co-operation, forgiveness, trust and ethics are also developed on a daily basis.

Child Care

The Child Care is available everyday from 15:00 to 18:00 for kids whose parents work late hours. While waiting for their parents, children may participate in some Art, Handicraft and Sports Classes. This is a good opportunity for children who are not used to English speaking environment to become familiar with English through some fun activities.
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